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Future plan
Hostel for Girls
1,00,000 per year
Rural Development Activities in 30 Villages
5,00,000 per year
Industrial Training Centre
3,00,000 Initial Investment
Science Activity Center
5,00,000 Initial Investment
Fruit & Food Processing Unit
2,00,000 Initial Investment

1) Agricultural school

Objective - to identify talents of the Xth fail/ school dropout students & provide training in agriculture & agro based services for better employment.

School dropouts & Xth fail students have less options of higher education. Their skills are unidentified. They are engaged in traditional agriculture & cattle rearing activities. They are not taken care of in present educational system. We would like to provide local need based education to such students. It will be primarily in agricultural and agro based services. We will be identifying such students. Conduct aptitude test and select a small group to start with. Educate them for about 1 year and support them till they become self reliant. The yearly budget of 15 residential students is about 3 lakh rupees.

2) Science activity centre

Objective -

  • To support teachers & students of rural schools in mathematics & science education
  • To develop a center useful to urban students in getting acquainted with our traditional scientific heritage along with modern advanced scientific developments.

Schools in remote and interior villages are not equipped with sufficient laboratories, skilled and innovative teachers. Traditional teaching methods based on memorizing without understanding and realizing the subject is followed blindly. Students face problems in understanding basic concepts of mathematics & science. They slowly lag behind & are dropped out.

To bridge the gap we would like to establish a science activity centre.

High lights of centre -

  • Exhibition of Indian science heritage
  • Exhibition of advancement in science in the last 3 centuries.
  • Do it yourself kits of school / Precollege level science experiments
  • Science teacher’s training.

3) Gurukul- (Day school)

Objective - To develop different skills in promising students selected in Gurukul.

Formal school runs for about 6 hours and has hectic schedule to be completed in specified time. This pattern of education lacks in personality development and skill identification of students. To develop the students integrated efforts have to be taken. It needs long association with students. Gurukul form of education will be the solution. Students having higher IQ bracket and below average will be selected by a predesigned test model in Gurukul. They will have school time of about 9-10 hrs a day. Their daily routine will be organized so as to inculcate various moral values. They will be trained in different ways, so that their mental and physical ability gets developed properly. Their routine will contain yoga, concentration therapy, reading & understanding techniques, exercises & games etc.

4) Counseling center

Objective - To provide counseling support to villagers of different categories so as to relieve them from tensions.

It is observed that students are confused at the Xth and the XIIth level about their future plan. They blindly follow either parent’s advice or friends liking. They are not able to decide the branch of study.

Due to industrialization Pirangut region is now becoming cosmopolitan. Outsiders are not able to get proper advice related to their future action plan. The center can take care of such migrants.

Ladies are facing multifaceted problems related to children education, husbands behavior, in-laws relationship, health etc. They need guidance in varied areas.

The counseling centre will take care of all such sections of the society. The activities to be undertaken at the centre are:

  • Aptitude test for school/college students.
  • Group & individuals counseling sessions.
  • Individual family counseling.

5) Employment Exchange

Pirangut – Hinjawadi is new upcoming industrial-IT belt. This belt needs skilled human resources, for both manufacturing units & service sector.

The human resources available at present are unskilled and need to be trained to accept the challenges of industries. We will be conducting training of such local youth and unskilled labour engaged in industry. We would like to provide placement services to the trained youth. The employment exchange will take care of this activity. It will be more proactive. We will have regular training/counseling/guiding sessions of the employees employed through our exchange.


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