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Shileshwar & Pirangut Chhatravas

Vasatigrih – (Hostel – Chatravas)

Objective To support students staying in remote hilly region to continue their education. To support the orphaned students.

Mulshi is a hilly tehsil of Pune district. It has 119 villages. 52 villages are surrounded by Mulshi dam. About 20-25 villages have no road approach. Villagers have to climb down/up for 1 and half hours to 2 hours to reach the nearest approach road. About 8-10 villages have no electricity. Their only earning source is barley & Nagli.cultivation. During winter and summer season their earning source is labour work. Many villagers migrate to the nearest village during summer due to scarcity of water. They can not get medical aid at right time and hence average life expectancy is too low. Ladies are seriously affected by all such adverse conditions. We identified these problems and decided to start a hostel (Vasti grah) for such students.

In 1996 Shri Chintamani Chitle (Mani) offered his services in this project. We started Vastigrah under the banner of Shree Pratishthan in 1996 at Pirangut for students of Junior college, because in those days, the conditions of roads were below average & students had to spend 4-5 hours in travelling. S.T. frequency was also less. About 40-50 students took advantage of this facility. During the year 2007-08 we realized that the strength is getting reduced due to improved road conditions & transport facilities. Hence, we discontinued this activity at Pirangut.

In 2001-02 we extended this project for school children staying in the hilly region, specially in villages surrounded by water of Mulshi dam, we started one hostel at Male with support of Keshav Madhav Pratishthan and another of Shileshwar under the banner of Shree Pratishthan.

The capacity of both Male & Shileshwar hostels is of about 20 students each. The education of girls from these villages was the next target which we achieved in 2007. We started a girls hostel at Shileshwar. Mrs. Poonam Mehta extended her support by offering her farm house for girls hostel. 10 girls are taking advantage of this facility. Thus we are continuing education of about 40 boys & girls in these hostels.

Mulshi is a hilly tehsil. About 52 villages are located on hills. They have no approach roads. Students in these villages can study only up to the 4th standard. In co-ordination with Shree Pratisthan we have established hostels for these students.

The details and highlights of the hostels

  • In 1996 a hostel for Xi – XII students started in Pirangut under the banner of Shree Pratisthan. Its capacity was up to 10 students. Due to improvement in roads and transport facility strength went on decreasing and hence it was discontinued in 2007.
  • In 2002 2 boys hostels at village Male and village Shileshwar were started simultaneously. Intake capacity of each is 20
  • In 2007 girls hostel was started in village Shileshwar about 15 girl students are taking advantage of this facility.

High Lights of Chhatravas -

  • Preplanned Daily Routine
  • Personality Development Programs
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Participation in Various Competitions

Achievements of Chhatravas

  • Azam Shaikh is in Taiwan for his Research work in Chemistry
  • Many Post Graduates
  • Shekhar Mhokar has devoted himself for Agricultural Development
  • Mahesh Mohol has offered his Services as Teacher in our School at Asde
Students in Manikchand Gujar Chhatravas with IT group
Historical exertion of Kille Rajgad
Girls Hostel Gathering


Mahesh Mohol has offered his Services as Teacher in our School at Asde


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