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I.B.T. Section
Vocational Training
Women Empowerment
Sanskar Kendra

Bio-Manure workshop with CBRTI

  • Nursery Training to Students & Ladies
  • Propagation of New Paddy Cultivation Technique in 8-10 Villages
  • One Ex-student Shekhar Mokar has taken Agricultural Development as his Profession

Watershed Management / Rain water harvesting

Mulshi tehsil is high rain fall zone and River Mula can provide water for villages on the bank of river. Still many villagers 2 to 3 km. away from river cannot have lift irrigation system and feel scarcity of water after January. The local drinking water system also fails number of times due to electric failure, pipe line problems etc.

Rain water arresting/harvesting is the need of the hour. We have identified such sights in a number of villages and for village Bhadas entire plan is prepared of 6 check dams. One of them has already been constructed in 2006 with the help of donation of 1 lakh given by Smt. Vidyatai Ketkar. We have surveyed the lights in Gawde Wadi, Hiwali wasti, Ghotawade etc.

  • Project of 6 Nala - Bunding
  • One Project completed at Bhadas (cost 1 lakh.)
    Donation by Smt. Vidya Ketker
  • Lake Construction
  • 2 borewells in Gawade Wadi
  • Proposed Projects
    • Lake Construction at Bhadas
    • 2 Borewells in Gawade Wadi
Inauguration of Check Dam constructed at Bhadas for Water Storage funded by Smt. Vidyatai Ketkar
Photo Gallery
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