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Rashtriya Sarvangin Gramvikas Sanstha have received INDIAN INNOVATION AWARD for "By the students for the studemts" program was held in Delhi on 12july2010. Nandan Nilekani was the chief guest.

Among 1200 hundred entries 8 gold and 3 special recomended were awarded and we are 1 of special recommended. Comparatively we are very small organisation 3 of them were given to state government...

Click here for INDIAN INNOVATION AWARD Certificate



Project By the students for the students -

We introduce various concepts in our school section regularly for giving exposures of different options of employment as well as methods of learning. The project

by the students for the students is one such option introduced in Nov.2008. The project consists of training the students in Audio Visual aids. Smt. Vedawati Jogi is appointed as consultant for this section. She introduced the job opportunities in Media and use of Media for learning & teaching regular curriculum initially in science, Maths & Geography.

Expert teachers taught the concerned subjects to 8th – 9th class of our school. Smt Jogi & Rajesh Kange gave the training in camera operations, script writing, acting, etc. Using these technique students selected 6 topics in science and prepared audio visual aids on these topics. These aids are being used in different schools in Mulshi to teach science subject.

We got Indian Innovation Award of 2010 for this project.


Success stories


1. Azam Shaikh - Azam from village Bhare joined our hostel in 1997 as junior college student (XI), completed his education up to B.Sc in Bhartiya Vidyapeeth. He stood first in B.Sc. and is a gold medalist. He joined Garware College to do M.Sc. in chemistry. He then became lecturer in S.P. College. He had strong wish to complete a doctoral research. He went on trying in various Indian & foreign universities and got admission in Taiwan in 2005. His family was not economical strong enough to even buy an air ticket. He took education loan from Kirlosker foundation and repaid it in time from Taiwan. He has a liking for social work. Patriotism is his strong point which was developed during his association with our organization. He is excelling even in Taiwan and wants to return to India after completing his research work to serve the country.

2. Bhau Margale - He joined our hostel in village Male in 2002 as student of the XI standard. He completed his XIIth std. from Pirangut. He learnt small technical jobs during his tenure at the hostel & was in charge of our Male hostel during 2004-05. He completed his B.A. externally along with job work.

3. Gangaram Akhade - He joined our hostel in 1999-2000 completed XII std. Even though he was getting a job in industry, he preferred to stay in his village situated on plateau of village Andhale & started a primary school up to 4th standard. His wadi contains 11 families with total population of 113. About 16-18 students are studying in this primary school.

4. Shekhar Mhokar - A student from village Botar wadi/Khadi wadi joined the Pirangut hostel in 1997. His financial condition was tempting him to go for a job. Prof. Kamthankar advised him to continue education by taking admission in the hostel. He was with hostel in Pirangut for 2 years & in Pune for 5 years. He completed his M.A.in Geography by earn & learn process. He used to work in hotel Shreyas while continuing his education. While completing his graduation, he lost his father and being the eldest in family had to shoulder responsibility of family. He then started working in his farm with new techniques that he had learnt from organization. He went on getting success in farming. He decided to do post graduation in Geography with specialization in agriculture. After completing post graduation, he joined Suyash charitable trust for training agriculture to Adivasis/Vanvasis in Pune & Raigad district. He is a very active worker in that organization. Along with his job, whenever he gets time he tries to train villagers in Mulshi tehsil. 80% of 4 villages have now adopted his new techniques and improved their farm yield by about 60-70%. Government officials consult him for conducting various activities in these 4 villages.

5. Santosh Keswad - A student from Kaswad wadi foe village Ghotawadi took admission in 2000. He completed his XI & XII during his hostel stay. Then he took training in ITI for 2 years and now is working in Hinjawadi; He organized ladies’ SHG in Kaswadi and has taken responsibility of grain collection activity of trust. He comes once in month to collect the grains. He is also in charge of ex. students’ SHG.

6. Santosh Gawade - Local villager residing along with maternal uncle near hostel at Pirangut, came into fold of our hostel mates. He completed his Xii th std & DEd. He was working in our Swami Vivekanand for some period. He got the job of a primary teacher in Raigad district. After 5 years he came back to his home town, Bother wadi. He formed a group in his village for active participation in Ganpathi procession. The group earns about 2 lakhs in this event. This money is being used for social welfare of village. They conduct various social programs like health checkups, maintaining school building, cleaning public places etc.

Swami Vivekanand Vidyalaya

Sports - 50% of our students are taking part in sports activities and are winning the competitions in both individual as well as team events. Our school stands first in tehsil level in 80 – 90% of games.

Higher education Abroad

Akshara Group initiated by Mudit Tyagi residing in America is attached to Mahindra United World College in Khubawali village adjacent to our school. The group started working in 2004. They started training our students in some soft skills like English speaking, computer learning, communication skills science experiments etc. Due to support from Akshra group 5 students got admission in America. Milind Johri is continuing his graduation in agriculture in west Minister University, Ashwini Bharam in Economics, Pramod Nikalje in Biotechnology. 2 students Milind Gaikwad & Vishal Bharam are admitted to U.W.college in Iowa State of America in 2008. This is one of the rear examples in India. Prashant Bharam got admission in Itley U.W.C. in 2009.

Duble, a student from the Khubawali village got training in welding from our IBT section and is now working as a welder. Popat Johri from the Bhadas village has decided to make cattier in animal husbandry. He has purchased 10 buffaloes & has settled in his village.

Photo Gallery
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